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First things to do on Omologist

Welcome to Omologist.com

This guide will take you through getting your account up and running and data flowing so you can start to analyse your website and look for opportunities.

if you have not already done so when you joined the first thing to do is integrate your data so we can begin to analyse it for you and match it with additional data for further insights.

Step 1 Integration of data

Here are some quick links to get you started. If you have integrated your data click here and we will take you to step 2.

Integrate your data

Join Google Search Console if you don’t already have an account.

Join Bing Webmaster Tools if you don’t already have an account.

How long it takes for us to collect data will depend on the size of your website, Google, Bing and how many websites we are currently updating.

Usually we can begin to populate your data within about 5 minutes but this time can vary. Some data will also reply on the following steps.

Step 2 – what country are you targeting?

One of our data analysis offerings is title keywords.

How this works is that we crawl your website and create a keyword list from the keywords you have used in your <title> tags for each page.

If you want to learn more about title tags see our blog article here.

Once we have created this keyword list we will want to see how you rank for each of these keywords and URLs in the SERPs (search engine results page).

However, to do so we need to know what country or location or both you want to track.

To get started follow these steps

  1. On the omologist platform click Rank Tracker in the top navigation
  2. On the left navigation click Title Keywords (click here if your logged in)
  3. Your screen should look something like that below.
  4. In the middle box under “Do you want to track by country?”, where it says select start to type a country name or use the drop down to scroll through countries.
  5. Once you find the country you want to track, click the country and then click “Add”
  6. Repeat this step to add countries you want to track for your title keywords. However, as each country is treated separately each time you add a country or location it will use one of your keyword allocations.
  7. To add locations do the same process in the next box called “local tracking”. Type in a zip code, postcode, region, state, county, province etc and when you find what you’re looking for click “Add”.
  8. Add as many different locations within your keyword limit.
  9. Once you have finished click the green “Save locations and Finish” button.
  10. Once we have crawled your website and collected the SERP data for each keyword you can click title keywords and we will show you the relevant data for each country and location.

Step 3 – Target keywords

Updated on 12 August, 2019

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