Keyword Types

We identify keywords to track for you using three methods.

Target keywords – keywords you provide that you want to track.
Title Keywords – sourced from the <title> tags on your website
Google Search Console – Actual keywords searched on Google and provided by Google

More types are in development to give you more insights.

Target Keyword

Target keywords are keywords provided by you.  These should be keywords that you specifically want to track usually at a specific location country, region or zipcode/postcode. You may have a keyword your trying to develop in a country or you may be a local business and want to track specific keywords in your location.  Target keywords provides a mechanism to focus on these keywords and specifically track them in the SERPS in the locations important to you.

To track these keywords create a project and type in the keywords you wish to track.

Next you need to decide where you want to track these keywords. We provide a couple of options.  You can track by country by choosing countries and adding them.

However, in the locations box, you can also add additional locations which can narrow your tracking to regions, suburbs, postcodes, zip codes, states, counties and more, what’s best for your tracking needs.

Tracking by Country.  If your a global business you may be targeting specific keywords across countries.  This also goes for a national business and you want to track how you perform across the country.  By using the country box,  simply choose the relevant country or countries you want to track the keyword in.

Tracking by location.  By location we refer to narrowing your tracking down from country based tracking.  For example if you a florist with one shop, your interested in tracking how you perform in the SERPs for your local search and not the whole country.  To do this you would just choose your location in the location box.  Location can range from a state, down to a local postcode. For many countries we can track by state, county, regions, suburbs, zip codes and postcodes.  To find a location you want to target, just start to type a location.

For more details on choosing countries and locations see targeting by country and location

Keyword from Title

Keyword from title means that we crawl your website and identify the keywords you have flagged to SERPs that are relevant for each page on a website.

As you have taken the time to select the title and keyword phrases for a page, it’s important to understand how you rank for those keyword phrases. Therefore we take the hard work out and identify those keyword phrases for you from your titles and rank track these in the SERPs.

So what is a title

A title should be on each page of your website.  If you think of the title like a title of a book. It helps search engines understand what the page is about.

The title tag can be found in your HTML between the head tags and should be unique to each page on your website. THe optimal length is about 50 to 60 characters.

<head> <title>This is an example title | Omologist</title> </head>

When we crawl your title tags on each of your website pages, we look to identify the keyword phrases and use these as a keyword to track in the SERPs.

For example let’s say you have a title like
<title> Example Phrase 1 | Example Phrase 2 | Brand </title>

Our crawler will look for separators (such as | or – or ~) to try and identify each of the keyword phrases you have included in a title. In the example above we would divide the title tag into keyword phrases as “Example Phrase 1” and “Example Phrase 2” and “Brand”. Against these three keywords we also record the URL and then we search for these keyword phrases for that URL to see where you rank in the SERPs and track these on an ongoing basis.

Using our title keyword rank tracker you can easily track how your titles perform in the SERPs. This can help in making decisions around if the title is working, if adjustments need to be made to page content, if adjustments need to be made to the title or what the impact of external activities like link building have on your SERP.

Google Search Console Keyword

Google Search Console is a service provided for free by Google and tracks queries in Google when a url from your site is displayed in the top 100. They will provide this data irrespective of the position (rank) so you get insight into how your position changes and how often (impressions) keywords are “actually” being searched.

This is extremely helpful data set as it provides ALL searches for queries when a URL from your site is shown and is therefore different from using title keywords or target keywords which are only a snapshot of rank of your keyword.

Along with impressions for keywords, Google also provide Position, Clicks, Click Thru Rate (CTR), and Country.

Targeting by Country and Location

Updated on 3 May, 2019

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