The Omologist rank tracker for targeted keywords provides different ways to track your keywords on Google – Country and Location

Country Tracking

Country tracking is fairly straightforward. It means you choose a country that you want to track a keyword in and we will track the position for that website in the SERPs and that keyword.

Location tracking provides more flexibility to track more specifically SERP results in Google for your given keywords.

Location Tracking

Location tracking that is relevant to the website will depend on the type of business and how it operates.

For example, if your business is local then you would want to track how your appear in the SERPs for your local area, be that a zip code or postcode, suburb, region or state.

Take for example a florist with one store operating in Bondi Junction in Sydney Australia, or a coffee shop in San Francisco at 94103 or a glacier on the Il Saint-Louis in Paris at 75004.

The florist would likely want to track how their position in their local post code of 2022 or Bondi Junction. However, if they sell more broadly across the “eastern Suburbs” of Sydney they can track that region as well as track by state, New South Wales. The same process would apply for the coffee shop in San Francisco or the ice cream shop in Paris. See examples below.

Updated on 1 May, 2019

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