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Shopping Tracker Column Headings

Average Price

In a Google or Amazon shopping result we can have up to 100 results.

The price we calculate is the average price of the products found in the listing.

We also provide the amount the average price has changed and will be in red text if the price has fallen or green text if the price rises.

You can also click the graph to see a time series of average price data for as long as we have been collecting the time series.

High Price

This is the highest price we find (maximum price) of the shopping results.

Low Price

This is the lowest price we find (minimum price) of the shopping results.

Average Product Rating

The example below is from Google shopping showing the first two products in a search for for the keyword “mobiles”.

We use the same process below in the Google example for the Amazon ratings.

From the screen shot you can see that both products have about 4.5 stars as a product rating.

We interpret these stars in numbers and calculate the average rating for all the products listed to provide an average product rating for the keyword.

We do not weight the averages based on the number of product reviews.


If you have chosen to track a keyword in Google or Amazon shopping by country we will show the country in this column that the data relates to.

If you chosen multiple countries, you will have a separate row of data for each country.


Based on the country you have chosen we will show the currency for that country.


Some products listed on Google and Amazon Shopping will have the total number of reviews (feedback) left for the product.

We sum the feedback from all listing to give you the total number of reviews provided and then also provide you with an average number of reviews per listing.

Number of Results

The number of results for a keyword result on Google or Amazon shopping can vary.

The maximum number of results we analyse is 100 for a given keyword and location.

Title Position 1

This refers to title of the product that is in position 1 in the Google or Amazon shopping search engine shopping results page (SESRP).

This allows you to quickly see what the title description is for the product that is achieving the number 1 position in Google or Amazon shopping.

Description of position 1

The description for position 1 shows the more detailed description for the product being ranked in position 1

URL of position 1

The URL for position one is a link to the product that is ranked number 1 so you can analyse the page in more detail. The URL for position is clickable and will open to a new page.


SHOP10 provides the top ten results in the SESRP (search engine shopping results page). At the bottom of the list you can click show more to show the next ten results OR you can click the drop down box to show up to 100 results.

SHOP10 provides a method to see all the relevant competitors for the shopping keyword in the chosen location.

Updated on 23 August, 2019

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